Today Is The Day

I have been thinking about creating a blog lately. I didn’t know when to begin, or where to begin, but today felt right.

I’ll just write when I can, no pressure.

I’ve gotten a lot of inspiration from my daily life activities and relationships, and extra motivation from bloggers that I follow.

So, I’ll begin with my bucket list:

1. start a blog (check!)
2. learn to swim
3. get accepted to med school
4. get over “the-jerk-who-does-not-stop-taking”
5. learn how to play the guitar
6. learn how to sing
7. create my health routine
8. start a show again at my school’s radio station
9. fully embrace my “natural” hair
10. transition to a vegetarian lifestyle
11. re-dive into writing spoken word
12. survive work and my last year of undergrad

Everything begins with a starting point, and you move forward from there. Let the ride begin!

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