I Thought Wrong

You never said you loved me
Although I was there for you since day 1
I knew I wanted to be with you
Waited for you
Sacrificed my spirit for you
After all I did, you owe me your heart

Disappearing for 5 months
Coming back claiming depression made you lose your mind
Making me worry for you, crying for you, reaching out to you
Asking why day in day out
Thinking you died

You were never honest
Trust me hun, if I want the truth, I’m going to get it out of you
I ain’t no action figure, don’t play with my mind
Don’t twist me around like you run sh*t
Thinking and acting like you’re God

Your substance is non-existent
Painted you out as heartless
Thinking that I could turn things around with my love and make you want to try
Try to give back for all I gave you
Just because I loved you

Desperate to keep you around
Fibbing about a life in me
Liar #1, it wasn’t true
Guess what, I got you
And you disappeared once again, just like in 2011

Thank God I never got permeated with your seed
Learned a life lesson to protect myself and the potential of what could be
What was it really that you could provide me with?
And to think, I really wanted to be with you
Trust me hun, you were lucky to ever have me.

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