Body Reset with “Body Revolution” – Attempt #2

Okay okay, alright alright, I understand that I was intending to begin this in March and finish around June. I could write several excuses (which are all valid), however I will admit that my biggest fault was not being well enough prepared.


My primary goal was to get back into a regular rhythm of incorporating physical activity into my routine, along with some other additional benefits that would occur by consequence.


Well, it’s still on my mind and I still want to follow through, yet this time, I’m going to approach it slightly differently.


I’d like to start off by letting you know why doing this is so important to me, and let you know why you should care 😛


In addition to re-establishing a daily exercise habit, I want to live my life with more integrity by aligning what I say with what I do, as a practitioner-in-training. Thus far in my training, one of the most important take-aways is that to truly understand how difficult it may be for our patients to make transitions in their life, we need to put ourselves through that experience (within reason). For example, one of the first steps we take as Naturopathic Doctors in approaching a food sensitivity or digestive concern that an individual presents is conducting an elimination diet whereby we encourage our patients to eliminate food groups known to stimulate food sensitivities, and after a period of time, re-introduce them in a systematic manner to see if they trigger any symptoms. Without trying the elimination diet ourselves, how can we truly appreciate the difficulty involved with finding new ways to eat food, the support needed to overcome cravings or habits, and be understanding towards the frustration from “falling off” at times?


This is why I’d like to use myself as an experiment, to see:

  • what changes will happen?
  • will I commit myself to this?
  • will I “fall off”? And most importantly
  • what are my habitual patterns and weak spots which need some strengthening?


And why should you care? Well, just as one’s journey to health is a process towards achieving an improved lifestyle, I’d like you to see mine. Maybe you’ll like my approach, my style, my strategy and want to approach improving your health in a similar manner. Maybe there are some tweaks you would make. Or maybe you won’t like the way I do my thing at all. Either way, by making myself public, I make myself accountable.


So back to the program itself, you can read about it and why I’ve chosen it to kickstart my routine HERE.


Some of the mistakes I made last time that I’d like to address this time are:


  1. Not having an appropriate workout space – I had moved to a new apartment at the time which had much more private space than the dorm I was living in prior. I had planned to use the living room to do my workouts, until the discovery of critters sharing the space with me (…they scared me right out).


  1. Not scheduling my workouts in specific time slots – I was casual with the workouts even though the DVD set comes with a schedule. I would skip workouts due to being too tired from school, or from coming home later than expected, or from sleeping in. In an effort to get back on track, I restarted the program 3 times. Yet, the farthest I completed was week 3.


  1. Being discouraged at the beginning – At the same time, I was teaching Zumba twice a week. I noticed that I experienced muscle soreness from Body Revolution that would make it uncomfortable for me to share all of my energy with my participants during my classes. In hindsight, I could have chosen to use the Zumba classes to replace the two cardio sessions in the Body Revolution program, or I could have chosen to rearrange the given calendar to work with my Zumba classes.


  4.   Plan for obstacles that are likely to happen, and find a solution before they become a barrier – These would  include:

  • What if I get sick? (Solution: Take time off to heal, and redo the previous week if needed, and include a buffer in the expected completion date)
  • What if another commitment conflicts with the scheduled workout time? (Solution: Reschedule my workout before deciding to attend to the other commitment)


Prior to the previous attempt, body statistics of weight (lbs), circumference (inches), and body fat percentage were taken. These statistics will be taken again*, in addition to statistics on food/drink intake (what and when), sleep times (lights out + out of bed), and BMI. These statistics will be for a future experiment.


Alright, let’s begin!

Before they can be frogs, they have to be tadpoles. Photo credit:

Before they can be frogs, they have to be tadpoles.
Photo credit:


Start date: September 9, 2014

End date: December 1, 2014 – December 15, 2014


Initial Circumferences (inches):

  • Bust – 35
  • Waist – 31
  • Hips – 39
  • Mid-thigh (left) – 21 (measured distance from hip bone to lateral end of knee. The mid-point between those two points was where the mid-thigh circumference measurement was taken)


*Weight and body fat percentage will be measured after the program begins, when the equipment to take those measurements is once again available

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