Owner of Self

This Sunday will make the completion of the 6th week of establishing a regular fitness routine!

It is indeed an awesome, triumphant feeling, especially after getting past week 2 and experiencing some new exercise combinations.

In addition to all of the positive physiological processes taking place within my body, there’ve been some powerful mental changes happening as well.


After completing the first month (and surpassing many workouts where I just wasn’t feeling it), I realized that at first, my main driving force to overcome the lack of motivation lied behind making this process public. However, as yang transforms into yin, my primary motivation shifted deeper – this is something I have to do for myself. No one is going to pick me up and exercise my body for me. Although other people may say, take a day off.. who’s going to wind up feeling like they’ve cheated themself? Me. And I really love the support I’m receiving from roommates as they see me heading to the gym at different times of the day, yet, what’s stronger is the love I feel towards myself when I change my clothes, tie my shoe laces, pop the DVD in and grab the weights.

Although there are some days I don’t push to my fullest potential, I still go and try to move.

Your body is yours to take care of. You spend every moment of the day with it. How do you, or are you going to take better care of it? The responsibility is up to *points finger* you.