Bloggers Who Gave Me the Blogging Bug

I wanted to post some of the bloggers that I follow regularly, because I look forward to their posts, and enjoy their personalities. I encourage you check them out (you can click on the titles)!

Discovering Naturopathy…a Student Perspective

When I became serious about applying to become a naturopathic doctor a few years ago, it was very important for me to find a way to connect with others who are passionate about the field, and have endured the process, and are generous to share their experiences. Richard’s blog was the first blog that I came across, and has been extremely encouraging by providing advice, experience, and additional resources. I love his blog! If you are interested in learning more about the field of naturopathy, and want to get a student perspective, I highly recommend this blog!

Whole Life Health Services

Erica’s blog was the second blog that I was lucky to find when I became certain about the school that I am currently in the process of applying to. I really enjoy reading her blog because it’s so personal, and something I love about blogs in general is the ability to generate dialogue through subjective expression, and truly feeling connected. Her blog keeps expanding which is also very exciting. I highly recommend this blog as well if you are considering the field of naturopathy.

Zen Habits 

I wish I read Leo’s blog more often. I really enjoy it because he provides practical ways of positively changing your life. I came across this blog when I needed inspiration for cutting sugar and fast-food out of my diet, and the benefits of transitioning to a vegan dietary lifestyle (both of which I am still struggling with). There are some powerful ways of viewing life that Leo has shared that I have incorporated into my own, such as productivity and mindfulness. I plan to catch up on all his posts during my winter break!

Naked With Socks On 

I wish I could say that I’m not concerned about romantic relationships, but my life in that department has been up and down – especially when considering my history with “the-jerk-who-does-not-stop-taking”. After a very rough patch, I dived into google for answers, as most of us do these days, and came across this blog. I fell in love with the multiple topics being discussed, and wanted to read more and more. I find the complexities of relationships interesting, and the topics discussed keep me captivated.

Idiopathic Thoughts

I found this blog when searching for the reasons people hate med school – to give me extra consideration of whether it’s really for me. I love this blog, and really connected with his posting “burnout”. I’m such a nerd because I commented and he responded! I always thought that in med school, there’s no time for anything else. This blog is great because he doesn’t hesitate to mention the good and bad, I appreciate that.

I love all of these blogs, they feel like a collection to me. I’ve read them when I was stressed, had bad experiences, needed to take a break, needed some inspiration, and just had time to catch up. I feel really lucky to have stumbled upon all of them!